Digital Marketing Channels

Here at Art Lam MEDIA we specialise in many aspects of marketing including digital, online marketing.  We offer marketing services across Dorset, Hampshire and more. Our approach allows for a simple campaign creation in the channel of your choice, a selection of campaign management across different channels or even an entire marketing strategy. Explore our specific services and what we can do for you online today.

We aid you in helping to develop SMART marketing objectives, creating measurable goals and using insight to determine marketing actions. We offer reporting that benchmarks against your final objectives as part of our marketing strategy. We report on a monthly basis and your campaigns are tailored to your business objectives.

Pay-per-click “PPC”

Our PPC services include the following key activity, your package will include what we deem the most relevant for your campaign or strategy:Ad management

  • Campaign creation
  • Ad copy and extensions
  • Location targeting
  • Conversion tracking with the Google Ads conversion pixels and measurement
  • Automated bidding strategies
  • Remarketing

Email services

Our email services include campaign creation to audience segmentation.

  • Subject line and body copy
  • Email campaign creation
  • Reporting and measurement
  • ESP template creation
  • Tracking and conversion measurement
  • Audience segmentation

Social Media Marketing

We offer a range of social media marketing some of which include:

 Facebook & Instagram Advertising

  • Paid advertising with awareness, consideration and conversion marketing objectives
  • Use of lookalike and custom audiences
  • Conversion tracking with the Facebook pixel and reporting
  • Organic account management and community

Linked in Advertising

  • Messenger and image ads
  • Use of matched audiences
  • Conversion tracking with the LinkedIn pixel and reporting
  • Organic account management and community